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What is Comet?

Comet (COnference Management and EdiTorial) system is a fully customizable and adaptable editorial system for your conference or journal. It was derived from a successfull online application developed for our conference and in recent instances used to run several journals and periodical special issues.

What can Comet do for me?

It can comply with every one of your special needs. It can be used to setup a small meeting, but it can handle also a large conferences with over 500 or 1000 participants (we haven't seen the limit yet :). Use it to get abstracts/papers, distribute them amongst a variable types of users, handle multiple uploads and we will help you define the complete workflow. Send notification emails to late reviewers, edit templates for emails that are sent automatically. We'll help you keep everything under your control.


The system has in the past (and continuously) been used by over 60 international conferences/events:

  • Dubrovnik 2009-2021 Conference on Sust. Development of Water, Energy and Environment Systems (SDEWES)
  • 1st-5th South East European Conference on Sust. Development of Water, Energy and Environment Systems (SEE SDEWES)
  • 1st-3rd Latin American Conference on Sust. Development of Water, Energy and Environment Systems (LA SDEWES)
  • 1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Sust. Development of Water, Energy and Environment Systems (AP SDEWES)
  • Eurosun2012
  • Austrian-Croatian-Hungarian Combustion meeting (ACH 2012)
  • OpenfoamWorkshop 2014
  • Energy&Environment 2014
  • 1st-7th Annual FAMENA PhD Workshop
  • SORTA 2016
  • 2017 European Combustion Meeting
  • ERFCON2017
  • PRES2015, PRES2017-2022
  • SPIL 2020, 2021, 2022
  • ENTRENOVA 2018-2022
  • ICLCA 2019-2022
  • ISCCRO 2020
  • ...

and Journals:

  • Croatian Medical Journal
  • Strojarstvo - special issues
  • Food Technology and Biotechnology
  • Management of Environmental Quality - journal special issue
  • Int. Journal of Sust. Water and Environmental Systems - journal special issue
  • Journal of Sust. Development of Energy, Water and Env. Systems
  • Chemical Engineering Transactions - journal special issue
  • Thermal Science - journal special issue
  • RIC (Review of Innovation and Competitiveness)
  • Psychiatria Danubina
  • Veterinarski Arhiv
  • Journal of Energy
  • CIRR (Croatian International Relations Review)
  • Transactions of FAMENA
  • Ukrainian Biochemical Journal
  • Croatian Review of Rehabilitation Research
  • Croatian Regional Development Journal
  • Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica
  • Suvremena psihologija
  • Brodogradnja
  • Drvna industrija
  • Strani jezici


Basic − FREE (limited offer)

Basic system is currently free of charge. It allows two user levels (editor, author) and no document upload (only online abstract submission).

Full − journal

15 EUR + VAT per published article (includes full support).

Full − conference

15 EUR + VAT per paid fee (includes full support).

More coming soon

Depending on the requirements and complexity of the required setup, more pricing options could be arranged.

System requirements

To be able to use Comet editorial system you will require the following:

PC compatible computer with Windows, Linux or OS X

Since the system is run entirely on our commercial web server, with several database and file backups per day, you and your users need only a computer with a (hopefully) stable internet connection.

A modern browser with JavaScript support

Recomended browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, but the system will also work on Opera or Safari and even IE6/7/8/9+.

High speed internet connection

Due to the amount of data that needs to be transfered during operation a dial-up connection would be to slow so it is required that you have ADSL with at least 2Mbit speed.

Version history

v.3.0 − Current version